How To Eat Your Way To Whiter Teeth

Newton Wellesley Dental Partners, Newton, MAAre you whitening your teeth while looking for a snack to get through those hunger pangs?   Dr. Ryne Johnson, prosthodontist and managing partner of Newton Wellesley Dental Partners  wants people to know that there are better options when it comes to your teeth's appearance. 

Below are the best treats that'll enhance the natural white undertones of your teeth, and help drive away the stains we're all guilty of building up over the years. Unless you were blessed with the world's most perfect set of teeth or you have seen a good dentist to create that radiant smile, a couple of shades whiter will make you look healthier and more-youthful.

While there are toothpastes that claim to give you a whiter smile in 'just one use (but not really), and there's always the option of getting professional teeth whitening by a dental professional, chances are you don't have the money or the patience to get that gleaming tooth look.

However, Dr. Johnson is here to tell you that there are foods we guarantee you're already eating that are scientifically proven to give you whiter teeth as you chow down on them. Yes, you have our permission to fist pump.

So, put down that coffee (or glass of red wine, depending on your beverage preference and where you are in the world at this point in time), and grab yourself one of these foods to gnaw on instead...


Thanks to their crisp skin and firm inner texture, biting into an apple helps to remove any plaque build up on your teeth. Try eating one after lunch if you don't fancy brushing your teeth in the office loos (shudders).


Now that you've picked yourself up off the floor, we're happy to deliver the best news ever. A protein in milk used in hard cheeses has been shown to reduce the loss of tooth enamel, which you need to keep your teeth looking their gleamiest.


It doesn't take a genius to know that chewing on lightly abrasive, hard nuts will help rub off plaque and wear any stains off the surface of your teeth.


Dental professionals recommend munching on pears because their subtle acids help break down staining bacteria colonies in your mouth and on your teeth.


Cucumbers are a good source of fibre for gums and teeth alike​, and their crunchy consistency helps remove sugar and chemical debris from the hardest to reach places in your teeth. Maybe just lay off the hummus...

Greek Yogurt

Dairy products are teeth superfoods. Their high calcium content strengthens teeth, making enamel healthier and whiter. Excellent news for all you 'breakfast people' out there...


Unlike other berries, strawbs act as a natural astringent that helps to remove surface discolouration from the enamel of your teeth. What better excuse do you need to indulge in champagne and strawberries this eve?!


Just like the apple, crunchy carrots help rub away unsightly stains from your teeth. We knew Bugs Bunny was onto something.

Banana Peels

Bananas contain minerals and vitamins, such as potassium and magnesium, which help whiten teeth. However, don't throw away the skin once your done - take the inside of a banana peel and gently massage your teeth with it for a speedy surface-level cleanse.​

So, next time you find yourself without a toothbrush, you'll know what to do...  If not, a speedy way to make your teeth look way whiter is through in office teeth whitening procedure. Contact Newton Wellesley Dental Partners for more information.