If you’ve had teeth removed, your options are threefold: You can get a tooth bridge, which is a line of false teeth that are placed along your jawline and added to the teeth already in place. The other two options are dentures or dental implants. Dentures are a full set of false teeth that are typically adhered in place with a polymer-based, sticky substance. Each night, dentures are left to soak in an anti-bacterial solution and cleaned of any food residue. Bridges typically call for teeth still intact to be modified. Your teeth may need to be drilled down to make the bridge fit. Our dental implants in Newton have several benefits over other options, which we will outline in this quick guide.


Dental implants are advantages over dentures because they become permanent parts of your mouth. This increases the ease with which you can do numerous vital functions, like speaking and eating. When eating, you will become used to using your new dental implants as if they were your own teeth, which will be designed in a computer program to mimic your natural teeth and will fit in the space available in your mouth. This perfect fit and long-term ability to get used to the new addition to your mouth will allow you to also speak without slurring or having irregular patterns in your voice. With dentures, it can be difficult to both eat and speak.


Dental implants will last for years and won’t need to be soaked or specially cleaned each day. They can be cleaned just like the rest of your teeth, with twice-daily brushing and flossing. This will increase the convenience to the point where you will forget that your implants are even synthetic pieces of your actual jaw and tooth line. It will also do away with the discomfort of having a large piece of fake, removable material, like dentures, in your mouth all day.

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